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Ben has been in the hair-cutting business for 12 years. He has a passion to make people feel good after a pristine haircut. He also loves escalating his skills to the next level to achieve its desired purpose.
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“PerfectTouch provides onsite beauty and grooming services, for corporate programs, movie sets, weddings, anniversaries, brand activation and other events.”


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  • Scott K
    Erick is hands down the best barber in Calgary. I've been going to Erick for almost three years because of how consistent and detail oriented he is. Very personable too. When he moved shops further from my home I tried somewhere else for two haircuts, but after that went straight back to Erick because the difference was that noticeable and worth driving further away for. Highly recommend Erick and I won't go anywhere else.
    Scott K
  • Darlington Etaje
    Mr. Erick is a royal barber who performs work of artistry on your hair. He literally transformed my looks and personality by just one hair cut. He is godly and patient. He reviews his own work and improves on it. Mr. Erick will make you feel like cutting your hair every 2 days. He has a dynamic mindset which allows him to be flexible with how your hair and shape of head is. He is always thinking of how to make you look better. I strongly recommend Mr. Erick and his Salon Perfect Touch Salon. Schedule an appointment with him and you can thank me later.
    Darlington Etaje
  • Arif Mohamed
    Erick is great. He is extremely passionate bout his craft and does great work. Booking appointments online is easy and simple. Enjoyed my experience at his Salon.
    Arif Mohamed
  • Nick Kedoin
    10/10, a great place to get a haircut! Erick really goes the extra mile to ensure you are happy with your haircut and gives 5-star service! Highly recommended!
    Nick Kedoin
  • Charles McCarthy
    For real the best experience I’ve had getting my hair done. I had Jaeyd do some dope conrows for me when I got there and didn’t take her very long, super polite and great. Erick then came in and cleaned me up super nice with the best lineup I’ve ever had. Super clean, go check out perfect touches instagram page to see the work. Great shop, great people and and even better cuts !
    Charles McCarthy
  • Tamunodubam Afonya
    Best cuts in the entire city. Erick goes above and beyond with every cut and you always feel like a million bucks when you step out. Great atmosphere and even better guy!
    Tamunodubam Afonya

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